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National Police Museum


The National Police Museum is one of the museums in the Salah al-Din Citadel, located in its northern section. Its exhibitions display the history of Egypt’s police force, each hall dedicated to a historical time period. One hall shows the police in ancient Egypt, another shows them during the Islamic period, and a third displays fire-fighting equipment. The museum also documents the most important battles, assassinations, and crimes during the modern period, in addition to the evolution of uniforms and weaponry. The museum houses fire trucks used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in addition to several models that represent the Egyptian struggle against colonialism, which culminated in a battle that took place on January 25th, 1952 in al-Ismailiyya.

The museum is built above the lions tower which has been discovered during the construction of the museum. It named the lions tower due to the presence of lions carved on the top of tower, which indicates that it dates back to the region of al-Zahir Baybars as it was his emblem. it is only survived tower from the citadel which back to the Mamluk period

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